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Curology: The Future of Personalized Skincare

Curology partners with Assemble to launch a seamless DTC storefront for non-prescription products, expanding their online presence and driving incremental revenue while improving operational efficiency within 12 weeks.


The Omnichannel Makeover: A Success Story for a Department Store in Crisis

Assemble transforms struggling European department store into thriving omnichannel business with a 5% revenue growth & 12% EBITDA increase. Results include an 18% e-commerce penetration, a stronger brand & higher customer retention.

Empowering Cancer Research: Taproot Health's Game-Changing Data-Sharing App

Explore the collaboration between Taproot Health and Assemble to develop a secure, HIPAA-compliant healthcare app that streamlines unified data collection and sharing, prioritizing patient consent and seamless integration between patients, clinics, researchers, and businesses.

Stori Coffee

From Startup to Scale: Stori Coffee's Innovative Approach to E-Commerce and Marketing Technologies

As a small start-up, Stori didn’t need a robust set of tools today. Still, like all companies, they needed a scalable solution that would grow with the company, supporting both their direct-to-consumer and wholesale accounts.

From Analog to Automation: Streamline Your CRM for Business Growth

Discover the power of automation in online community management with MESA’s success story – streamline processes, save time, and enhance customer experience.


Earlens and ASMBL: Redefining Hearing Aid Accessibility Through iOS Integration

Learn about the development process behind the Earlens iOS Companion App, which combines cutting-edge technology with user-centric design to transform the way people interact with their hearing aids.