An assembly of experts. Examine. Discover. Deliver.
Assemble. It’s what we do.

Our Culture

At Assemble, we believe all of us are equal. That’s why we’re a community company, a place where everyone is welcomed. There’s no place for ego here. We have a responsibility to each other to:

Do right by our people
Treat our clients as equals
Ensure our actions follow our words

It means it’s not about money or winning. We don’t make decisions based solely on revenue and profit, we make decisions based on what’s best for the client. If that means we sometimes have to lose, we’re OK with that. We make decisions based on what’s right.

By keeping equality, excellence, humility, integrity, and respect at the forefront of everything we do—and servicing clients we believe in—we care for our community, our tribe, the best way we know how: through human-first digital engineering. And we have a ton of fun along the way.

Our Office

Our office is a community space where people collaborate, ideate, and laugh. We’re fortunate to have a light-filled office that sits along the Fremont Canal, where boats and ships putter by all day long. We have a stocked kitchen and a handful of small conference rooms that pull double duty as a place for meetings and a place for listening to music or gaming.

And because we know our best work doesn’t always happen at our desks, we have plenty of couches and collaborative spaces where we get the job done. It's a happy, productive place. And we're proud of that. We build great things with great people.

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