We’ve rebranded! Inkstone is now Assemble.
Assemble provides software services

that deliver delightful customer experiences.
Assemble provides software services that deliver delightful customer experiences.

Where We Focus

As a software services company delivering forward-compatible, always-on solutions, we succeed by relying on a team of highly skilled professionals. In looking to the future when building client solutions, we overcome complex problems.


AWS, Google, Azure Integrations
Content Management


SAAS Integrations
Connected Devices
Legacy Systems


Web Applications
Mobile — Native iOS & Android
TV — Chrome, Amazon, tvOS
Wearables — WearOS, watchOS

How We Do It

Using our proven process, we work alongside our clients from advising to architecting to building. With this approach, we are able to streamline development cycles, minimize iterations, and reduce over-reliance on QA and testing. Your idea, assembled.


Business Analysis
User Requirements


System Requirements
Structural Framework


Outcomes driven
Forward Compatible

Assemble. It’s what we do.

What We've Done

At Assemble, we approach every client need with an open mind. We tap into our project history to inform the advise stage and to gain clarity around user requirements. This process shapes the architecture we’ll implement. By taking the time to understand client needs, we set a course for what we’ll build. This is how we deliver delightful customer experiences. Together.

The future of social fitness

Changing habits

We built a bespoke, brand-defining, intuitive mobile interface with gamification and social elements. Our solution increased user uptake and enabled cross-user participation opportunities.

Connections Experiences

When 5,000 people show up to your party...

VIP treatment

We created an ad hoc event solution to facilitate participant awareness and engagement around check-ins, accommodations, agenda and activities.

Platforms Experiences

Groundbreaking approach helps people quit

Changing habits

Building within FDA guidelines, our team delivered a connected product to help curb cravings. Our solution included analytics, tracking, and user follow-up to ensure adherence to this program. Persistent access to a robust tech team helped deliver diverse solutions across technical disciplines.

Connections Experiences

Access and manipulate data sets twice the size of the entire U.S. Library of Congress

Data analytics

We created the tools to allow users to capture and leverage archived data from the iTunes Store, from any week in history and across any media, including games, apps, movies, music, books, and podcasts.

Platforms Experiences

Getting teams where they are going simply, quickly, and easily

Removing the mystery from arriving on time

We designed and built a system to allow over 60,000 employees across multiple corporate campuses to have schedules, maps, and travel modes at their fingertips.

Connections Platforms Experiences

Connecting sellers to buyers

Engaging customers

We built a branded code redemption system that scales to companies of any size, providing access to unique promotion channels. The outcome is a significant increase in customer engagement uptake.

Platforms Experiences

See who’s at the door from anywhere

Peace of mind

In three months, we delivered a fully integrated video doorbell that enables anytime, anywhere, live video from your front door. The platform supports 300,000 unique devices, 9 partner integrations, and stores over 140Tb of data.

Connections Platforms Experiences

Intelligent home automation to save on your energy bill

Utility cost control

We teamed up with one of the largest electric utility companies to create an IFTTT platform integration that automatically shuts off the user’s home HVAC during peak electricity price times. The IFTTT implementation allowed us to avoid costly changes to the utility’s legacy system.

Connections Platforms Experiences

Heightened awareness through enhanced hearing

The gift of music, again

Our customer needed a solution that would marry their cutting-edge medical device with native mobile accessibility features. We made the customer’s vision a reality while working within the unique FDA protocol constraints, and delivered a custom designed UI interface for a specific target demographic.

Connections Platforms Experiences

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